James D. Scurlock (Director/Producer)
James attended the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania from 1989-1993 as an undergraduate and has no formal film training. An entrepreneur since his sophomore year in college, James opened several successful restaurants which he later sold. He has also contributed as a freelance writer to several magazines and newspapers. Maxed Out is his second feature documentary.

Jon Aaron Aaseng (Director of Photography)
A life-long artist with a natural eye for light and composition, Jon's early background in the fine arts led to his passion for Cinematography as a visual medium while attending USC's School of Cinema-Television in the late 90s.

Since completing his formal schooling, Jon has built his career shooting documentaries, indie features, short films, cable TV programming, and commercials. Jon currently lives in his home state of Montana with his wife and two daughters, where he runs his production company, Mountain Kid Pictures, as well as continuing his cinematography collaborations with other producers and directors.

Jon's awards include the 2002 Kodak Cinematography Award at Film Fest New Haven for his work on The Tower of Babble, and Best Cinematography honors from the Now Casting Film Festival 2005 for his work on Katrina.

Alexis Spraic (Editor/Associate Producer)
Alexis is a graduate of Columbia University where she studied philosophy, economics and non-fiction writing. She began working in long form documentary during college, training under documentarians including Alex Gibney (Enron, The Trials of Henry Kissinger), Kate Davis (Jockey, Southern Comfort), Bob Eisenhardt (Green Chimneys). In the past two years since graduating from college she has worked on the PBS documentary series, Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues as an assistant editor, as well as Lightning in a Bottle (dir. Antoine Fuqua) in addition to Maxed Out and Stumped!, her second collaboration with James Scurlock. Her own documentary projects have taken her throughout the Americas and Southeast Asia. She and James have another documentary film in development.

Lee Thompson (Production Supervisor/Associate Producer)
Upon graduation from college and after a 6 month work experience in the U.K., Thompson left his home state of North Carolina for Southern California to pursue his career ambitions in the entertainment industry. He began as a volunteer production assistant on low-budget features (Thee Days of Rain, The Learning Curve) before moving on to higher profile projects for network television (Fox's The Family Guy, UPN's America's Next Top Model, NBC's Average Joe, TLC's Clean Sweep). His diverse background includes successful ventures into commercial production, scripted & reality television, games shows, and documentaries. He has worked in development, casting, writing, production & post-production. At present, Thompson's focus is to be involved with projects that explore the intersection of social policy and commercial viability (FX's Black.White. & 30 Days, Animal Planet's The Little Zoo that Could). Thompson is a graduate of Elon University where he studied Theatre Arts and English.