IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Quotes from the Film's Talking Heads

"There's a lot of shame and a lot of guilt attached to the issue of money mismanagement...Everybody feels like the other couple has a perfect marriage and a perfect everything...Turns out, I've met Ken and Barbie and they're broke."
-Dave Ramsey

"Basically it's food, rent, and a bit of entertainment. Just survival. They're having a hell of a time."
-Brian Lurie

"The real point is the basics are driving families right to the edge. What it costs to have a house, to have health insurance, to have child care, to have two cars so that you can both get to work."
-Liz Warren

"Nobody would watch Lifestyles of the Poor and the Unknown."
-Robin Leach

"There's not as much money in Washington as they're used to be!"
-George W. Bush

"I guess if you look like you make money eventually you will."
-Beth Naef

"If you go to a vocational school or if you have a job, they [the credit card companies] don't want you. Maybe it's because they think you know the value of a dollar. It's the college students who get the cards. So we're setting up a two-tiered system here and I believe they're exploiting the college students. An easy market."
-Janne O'Donnell

"They [Bank One] wanted us to be the FirstUSA spokesguys...I guess how Bill Cosby is to Jell-O, that would be us to credit cards."
-Luke McCabe

"I know for a fact that [the banks] aren't looking for people with experience. They want people who have jobs at the mall. Their whole approach is they want someone who is retail-driven. They want people who can sell, sell, sell."
-John Ballew

"The bottom line is, the deck is stacked against you from day one. If you're smart enough to understand that and know that, God bless you; if not, boy are they going to make a lot of money off of you."
-Bud Hibbs

"I like to think of myself as a pirate and you're just walking that person out on the plank. And then you pull them back when you get what you want. Of course, sometimes, in the beginning, you're going to push a little too far."
-Bob Johnson

"Basically I was just a real big typographical error."
-Doris Gohman

"The size of our problem out there is very large. I regret to say that the word billion does not encompass the nature of the problem."
-Alan Greenspan

"Consumers think they have a right to privacy...The Constitution protects you from the government, but where is your right to privacy from an individual or a private company? Where is your right to privacy from me? And the truth is, there is no right to privacy."
-David Szwack